• Sometimes, I just need to buy something

    Sometimes, I just need to buy something

    I understand that people don’t like Amazon. It’s an incredibly ruthless company focused on goals. It’s often non-technical people that I hear bringing this up. I wonder what they would think if they learned about AWS? I was in Stockholm a little while ago, and over dinner just happened to mention I bought my pasta… Continue reading

  • Will Pixelfed capture the early magic?

    I thought Instagram was fantastic when it was first released. It was a fun way to share your pictures. Okay – granted that sometimes you might go overboard on the filters so it looked like abstract art. But people shared what they were doing or where they were in a visual way. Then Facebook got… Continue reading

  • Full circle – back to a more open web

    Full circle – back to a more open web

    I’ve had my own website for a very long time. If I remember correctly, I’d originally set-up on Geocities before getting my own hosting service. You had to hand roll HTML back in those days. Well, it was the 90’s. Some of us were crazy enough to run our own mail servers back then. The… Continue reading

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